A modern way of providing legal services

The founders of Winthagen Legal believe in a modern way of providing legal services. Our services are inter alia based on the following cornerstones:

  • legal matters are always related to decisions at a commercial level. As strategic partners we aim to align our services to the technical and commercial knowledge of the clients we assist;

  • we work on a basis of a personal relationship and therefore keep short lines of communication. This enables a cost-effective and fast delivery of our services whereby the lawyer of your choice is always available;

  • transparency about costs assures predictability and control over budgets. Prior to our engagement we provide a realistic estimate of time and costs. In order to further predict costs it is also possible to discuss alternative fee arrangements such as fee caps or fixed fees;

  • Last but not least: our goal is to challenge the established order. In our view this also includes competitive pricing which at the same time ensures the quality required to beat such established order.

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